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I highly recommend this product. January 1, 2010


I have this knife and have owned in for a number of years. It is my “working” fruit knife. Let me explain. A true fruit knife, folding fruit knife, is purely an English product thereby an American one. I collect these old folders as many of them are true works of art and since they are not at the top of the heap as collectables yet, I can purchase them at a reasonable price. These are antique knives dating back to Victorian times. A good, a true fruit knife of this variety always has a silver or gold blade as steel knives cannot hold up to the acidity of fruit. Now I specialize in the silver bladed one since I am the least pretentious of men and feel gold is a bit out there on the edge. Not only being blessed with plenty of peasant blood running through my veins; I am also cheap.

Now there is a problem here. I also like to use these knives…yes, to cut and eat fruit with. Silver by nature is a rather soft metal and blades made of it require frequent sharpening. I am not about to go grinding away on the knives in my collection. Dilemma, dilemma! Well I found the solution. It is this stainless steel Schrade! No mother of pearl here, no silver, and no fancy scroll work…just sheer utility. I can sharpen to my hearts content. The knife, even though it is rather inexpensive, is still well made and serves my purpose well. Keep the blade wiped clean and it will last a life time.

I always carry this knife in my vest pocket to luncheons, family gathering, etc. etc. where I know fruit will be served. I must admit to getting a certain amount of satisfaction pulling this ten inch cutter out of my vest pocket and watching the looks on the face of people as I hack away at my pear, peach or pineapple. It is a good conversation piece and of course if nothing else, it impresses the heck out of any kids who happen to be present.

Now of course there is the werewolf factor to consider also. As you know, and I assure you that werewolves certainly know, a silver bullet is sure death! Now by extension of this fact, a silver fruit knife might just be a deadly weapon in the eyes of one of these creatures…you just never know! Now I attend a lot of functions where there are a lot of lawyers and bankers also in attendance. I have felt for years that our furry changelings are attracted to these professions. (Think about it…have you ever tried to contact your banker or lawyer in the middle of the night when a full moon is up? See what I mean? I actually tried to contact a lawyer friend of mine at three in the morning once and all I could hear on the other end of the line was muffled growling noises…I hung up in stark fear. All I wanted to do was talk a little golf.) I have also noted that when I remove this knife at these meetings, I get many a furtive look from the corner of many eyes and these same watchers rather avoid me from then on. If nothing else I am saved many a painfully boring conversation. Any werewolf who is worth his or her salt knows that fruit knives all have silver blades! Little do they know that the one I am using is a mere fake!

I am pretty certain that these preventive measures have served me well over the years, as neither my wife nor my self have ever been bitten by one of these creatures of the night, nor have we even had any insulting growls or remarks thrown our way. The fear factor is apparently at work here! I can only assume it works!

Be that as it may, this is a good knife to cut fruit with and is a rather unique instrument to have around. I highly recommend this one.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

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