From time to time a news item will come to my attention, more often than not involving some sort of Asian technology research (or pop culture – I agree with the blogger who suggested that even the Japanese don’t get the Japanese anymore), and I quietly nod, push my chair back, and cover my head with my arms because I assume the world is about to be destroyed. I’d kind of like to make these items a regular feature, but I’m not sure what to do with the format. For this first one I’m going to ask Donald Sutherland to help me express my reaction:

Image is from 1978 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, thanks Moondog.

But the subject at hand is: Things we’ve invented which will eventually kill us all. I’m not talking about boring things like high fructose corn syrup; I am just as angry as you when a nature show purports to list the 10 Somethingest Somethings and inevitably gives the number 1 spot to an insect or microbe instead of something cool like a dinosaur. No fakeouts here, just earnest warnings.

THREAT: Robot baby
Researchers at UCSD have developed a giant robot baby with an even more giant robot baby head capable of expressing realistic emotions and frightening everyone except the brainwashed drones who work in their lab. Click the photo for the story.

Have any horrible abominations of your own? Well for heaven’s sake don’t share them. I’ve got enough to cope with here. But I’ll welcome comments.