10 Images

Concept: Select 10 self-generated images that express something about you. My twitterbuddy @HoorayCookies did this on her blog (click this post’s title to link there) and I like it. I also like my image collection. So here.

This was pen tablet practice, part of my ongoing effort to get a webcomic started.

It’s a flashlight. And a magnet. And a frickin laser beam.

On the way to see The Watchmen, I was overcome with the sheer verticality of what Rick was doing.

Someone was comparing me to a celebrity. I offered this handy spotting guide to avoid mixups.

He’s sticking his tongue out.

Built that.

Three angry dogs in a Honda Odyssey.

The ancestral home. Imagine my surprise that there was one.
Fine, I didn’t create it. But I really couldn’t complete this list without it.

2 thoughts on “10 Images

  1. I like Mendel particularly. I can see the hint of Gahan Wilson and James Thurber looking over your shoulder. But it's all you. That elegance of line is getting there.

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