Announcement: The One Year Album

On January 1, 2014 I will release an album. As in music. There will  be 12 tracks. I will perform the vocals, play the instruments, compose the music, write the lyrics, and mix the audio.

I don’t know how to do any of those things…yet.

The purpose of this project is to force myself out of my comfort zone and require me to use learning techniques and self-discipline to acquire new skills and knowledge in an area where I have no natural talent or, if I’m being honest, interest.

I know this is 13 months ahead of time but I want to use December to make plans and organize, so that planning the project doesn’t become an excuse not to start in January.

*EDIT: The album will appear here –


So I deleted almost all of my personal profile info from my Facebook account, including the list of all my previous employers (which I put up mostly as a reminder next time I have to update my resume).

Got that? Deleted all the information from MY account profile, not just the visibility settings. I can no longer access that information, because I deleted it.

Or so I thought.

Today Facebook offered to suggest potential friends for me based on ALL of the deleted entries in my employment history. It is actually using private information about ME which even I do not have access to.

Is Diaspora ready yet? Sigh.